Spotify S15

The Logitech G15 plugin to show what Spotify is playing

To use simply download and extract the files. When you run S15.exe it will register with the logitech plugin manager and then start automatically from the location you extracted it to. For that reason you may want to extract it somewhere meaningful like "C:\Program Files\S15".Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

S15 - Version 1

Thanks to the guy (and also Tom Black below) who very helpfully e-mailed me, to let me know how to solve a lot of other users' problems:

Hi paul,

Your plugin worked fine for me, but a lot of people have problems with getting the media keys to work on spotify. I’ve found a simple solution. In windows go to start / config / Windows sideshow disable windows sideshow for media player. This will disable a background service for windows media player. After this mediakeys will react to spotify like desired. So attention of media keys go’s to spotify and not to windows media player. Might want to put this on the website. I came across your website on my search to solve the problem of the mediabuttons.

Greetings from the Netherlands,